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Steve and Rita Perry say they are blessed to live in such a great place that has such a big sense of family. They’re also thankful for the commitment their team has to the business. One of the big things about the team is how they love the people and the community. BBQ is just one thing they want to do well. They are really glad to have such a great team.

The great tradition of Texas Pit BBQ started with Steve’s dad Kelly Mimms who started the business after retiring here.  He and his wife Judy ran it since 2010. After her passing in November, 2017 Steve and Rita, who had already moved back to help Kelly, bought the business and have kept the tradition alive and well.

The amazing flavors of the melt-in-your-mouth ribs, the to-die-for-brisket and all the rest of their fare is different from some of the BBQ you’ll find in Austin, Dallas, San Antonio or rest of the state.  It’s been said by some that there’s certainly no reason to travel anywhere else to cure that BBQ hunger. They are extremely proud to be a part of the Texas Pit BBQ tradition..




Just last year Texas Monthly did a great story about the great food and on the heritage of The BBQ Shop. Here’s what they said:

The BBQ Shop in Farwell couldn’t get any further west and still be in Texas. Founded along the New Mexico border in 2010 by Kelly and Judy Mimms, the joint became a Thursday tradition for many since that was the only day it was open. The BBQ Shop has gone through some painful changes. Judy passed away last year, and Kelly had to take a step back.

Since then their son Steve Perry and his wife Rita bought the place and have keep it going in the tradition it was founded. Not only have they expanded their hours but they can also be found serving from their food truck across the border in Clovis, New Mexico. Yep, it’s legal. And you better believe this is the best of Texas barbecue. 

March 2019

Where to Find Great Barbecue

on the Staked Plains

The Llano Estacado area isn’t exactly known for smoked meats, but these joints are changing the scene.

The BBQ Shop Farwell


If you drive west out of Farwell, you’ll be in New Mexico before you can blink. Housed in a metal building at the edge of Texas, the BBQ Shop sells great barbecue out of two massive Oyler smokers on Thursdays. On Fridays and Saturdays, the BBQ Shop goes mobile, serving the town of Clovis, New Mexico, out of a food truck. Either location requires quite a haul from most of Texas, with much of the drive within sniffing distance of some of the largest cattle feedlots in the country. Kelly and Judy Mimms opened the place in 2010. Judy died in 2017, and Kelly passed the BBQ Shop on to his son and daughter-in-law, Steve and Rita Perry, later that year. Steve smokes with oak and serves the favorites, like juicy pork ribs, as well as brisket, turkey, sausage, pulled pork , and his famous pig candy, which is best described as bacon jerky in a candy coating. You’ll want a few strips for the road. They made the view on my long drive home even better.

Reprinted from TexasMonthly, March 2019